Bartolomeo Nicolotti Curriculum Vitae

Versione Italiana

last updated april-2009

Personal Data

Bartolomeo Nicolotti, born in Cuneo, 7/april/1975.

Residence: v. Fossano 18, CAP 12040, Montanera (CN), Italy.

Domicile: v. S.Secondo 17 CAP 10100, Torino, Italy.

E-mail address: bart.nicolotti AT

Driving license to drive cars.

Exempt from the service in the army.

I agree to the use of my personal data according to the privacy law.


Work experinces

- design with UML methodology and SQL implementation in MS SQL Server and Postgres environments of a data base; development of web applications in JSP/STRUTS for 3DE project (

- development of Java applets for the FIL (Fisica In Linea, i.e. on line phisics) project (

Used programming languages: C++ e Delphi.

Version Control System: WINCVS.

- Rewrite from Delphi to C++ of the code to apply UNI 1264 standard to design floor heating systems. Improved the code with the implementation of the recently added 1264-5 norm to design also wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems.

- Development and mantainment of commands aid to automatically draw the layout out of pipes for floor heating systems. The algorithm given the perimeter of a room draws the circuits for floor heating.

- Development and mantainment of graphical user interface of the software.

- Customization of the pipe drawing algorithm for floor heating systems for a U.S.A. customer. I've travelled to U.S.A. to the customer site.

- Development of PERL and LISP test scripts for the pipe drawing algorithm.

- Analisys and implementation of command to design stairs and ramps using autocad 3d primitives.

- Analisys and implementation of commands to design preformated radiant heating systems.

- Development of a parser to generate a Windows registry file (.reg) from an Interface Definition Language file (.idl) to statically register of COM objects

- Development of a system to send over the internet unhandled exceptions happend on users computer.

- Hardware mantaining.


Used languages: Java/SQL.

Version Control System: WINCVS.

Analisys and development of a Customer Relationship Management system:

- Contact search.

- Unification of contact duplicates.

- Selection of contacts to send sms, fax and e-mails.

- Customizable Questionnairs.

- Activity scheduling.

Other interests

Engeneering knowledes:



Computer science:

General knowledge: